Oct 11, 2010

Back by Popular Demand.....

Oh where to begin???
Cake anyone?
Well for starters, our star of the show is officially 3 years old now. Celebrating the only way Averi knows how, ROCK STAR style! In the usual 2 day event, meaning 2 times the cake and 2 times the presents! She certainly loved every minute of it. Both grandparents certainly spared no time spoiling her little heart out.
First bday party was with my parents and Ruby & Chloe. Averi spared no time finding her beautifully decorated table full of presents. She patiently waited for grandpa to get home before tearing in. We then had some awesome cake w/ Elmo and a big number 3 on top. Certainly a great evening for everyone.
On her actual birthday we celebrated at Daddy's parents house w/ close family. Averi certainly rocked the house with her fluffy tutu, matching crown and extravagant jewelry.  She ate up all the attention and of course all the food. Next came presents where Uncle Cory stole the show, clearing out her bday list with all the toys she wanted. Cake came after, with of course everyone singing. A wonderful yet sad day, knowing it's only a matter of time before she'll be picking out themes and inviting friends. Do i dare call her a "pre-schooler"? Oh no no.... not yet. Someone needs to tell time to slow down!

It's official!

Big number brings a big responsibility and Averi set forth to accomplished her final big girl task....potty training. With trial and (many) errors it almost seemed hopeless and we were prepared for our little girl to be going to her prom in pull ups. But oh no, Averi once again took matters into her own hands and within a week she was officially PT-ed! She proudly wears her Dora's and is rather humorously proud of her "plunkers". Pre-school next year, here we come!

Cutest ballerina EVER
There has been a change in our activities to report. We no longer are part of My Gym, a decision that was really hard to make. It seem to lose it's magic with her and i often found Averi bored or unchallenged. Also our favorite teachers have left, leaving a less enthusiastic environment. So it was time for a change.
Mommy, on a hunt for her own dance class, found a dance studio relatively close by that offered pre-ballet for 3-4yr olds. What a wonderful idea! Not only will it be something Averi would love but it was also half the price of My Gym. In great anticipation we started our 1st class on Sept 22nd. Words can not describe the cuteness we saw. Four little girls, all dressed in tutus and ballet slippers, circling the teacher. It was a great mix of personality to say the least. Averi spared no time making friends and listened very attentively to the teacher (even correcting her fellow students when one would wander away). The other mothers were also first timers so we all clambered about how cute the 1st recital will be.
We have had 2 classes since, now in the new studio and the cuteness is still overabundant. We literally look forward to it every week. Maybe even more then Averi....

Out with summer and in came fall w/ great speed. The best times to enjoy all the park has to offer, and that we certainly do.Although most of the time the parks are still empty, we do make the most of it. Saving kittens in the trees, sliding and climbing, and of course our infamous nature walks.

And that's about it for now. I will try my hardest to keep this blog up and running although i will be the 1st to admit that i am a total slacker. Part procrastination and part writers block. A deadly combination! But alas i will prevail for those who love hearing Averi adventures and perhaps for my own sanity.

And i bid you a farewell with a video of the day......

(Thank god we got 13yrs to practice.....)