Feb 28, 2011

Back from Blog-cation!

That's exactly what i went on. A "Blog-cation".
Its not that I didn't WANT to make a post on Saturday, cause i did. I placed my butt in the computer chair with full intent on writing something glorious; filling you with voyeuristic insight of my day. I clicked "new post" and that's when it hit. The blank. The complete and utter loss of writing juice. I stared at the blank screen for what felt like an hour, but it was no use. I ventured over to Pogo.com and got lost in mindless games until my eyes no longer could stand it. No blog that night.
Sunday followed the same suit. Not that i write on that day, but none the less i couldn't even muster a photo.

But its back!
So here is the "what you missed" of the weekend.....

Saturday Feb 26th 2011

Kitchen Phase 3 is now DONE!
OR as Daddy puts it "Wow. We have a BLUE kitchen.".

We inhaled another share of fume (Uncle Cory, Grandpa, Daddy & Mommy) and finished up the kitchen. Not everyone is 100% in love with it cause it a very drastic and bold color combo. Even I kinda worried as I stood in the room of blue (perhaps it was the fumes). But once the cabinets get here, the floor put in, and all that jazz i am sure it will just work. All that's left to do is the trim around the doors and windows and wash the wanna-be Waynes-coating to death.

This coming weekend we will begin the next rooms, dining room and living room, with the priming to welcome the shocking berry color!

Curious on how it all came out? 
Go to the "This Old House" for up-to-date photos!

Feb 24, 2011

Simply Frustrating.

You know those days where the moment you wake up and even your own body is telling you "Don't get out of bed, its gonna be a rough one..."? Well, i should have listened.

The apartment was its uncomfortable cold once again which rudely wakes even the thickest skin up. I evilly  sneered at the 3 men outside who appeared to be working on pipes; probably the reason for the lack of heat. The usual hot coffee barely warmed my hands as i prepared breakfast. From that moment on it seemed like nothing i did was its usual correct way. You could feel it in the air. Motivation was MIA. Averi had her attitude button on high, having me raise my voice what felt like every 3 minutes. So i had to find something to do...
Oh the glow!

Glow in the dark stars! My $1 purchase from yesterday! I swept Averi upstairs and we taped those suckers to her bedroom wall all perdy. With a quick blast of a super bright flashlight, we turned out the lights and marveled over the coolness that is glow in the dark. A good few minutes of fun none the less.

Returning to the downstairs, I clicked over to my super crafty inspiration of the Frugal Family Fun Blog, hoping to find something creative to do. Averi was behind me when she saw the Lets Build A Zoo post and yelled "I wanna do that!!!" about 12 times before i could even say ok. That looked easy. So i grabbed the blocks, the Littlest Pet shop animals, some train tracks and had at it. I even brought out the foam paper to add a little creative flair. Averi became preoccupied watching tv for the most part; checking my progress in between. Right there should have told me to she was not going to have any part of this. But i pressed on with hope.
My Awesome but failed FFFB Zoo
Once finished, i sat back and waited for her to have at it. Nothing. She walked around it once, grabbed a bunch of pillows and proceeded to make a fort out of the moved coffee table and couch. Really?

Deflated, i sat back in my computer chair. I put on some Laurie Berkner Band and bounced through my followed blogs for a moment. Out of no where i got the urge to play my acoustic and ran upstairs to get it. I also brought down Averi's cause i knew she would have asked. Mind you, i never really played the thing. It was a young mindless purchase (like my flute). I want to learn but the easily frustrated part of me usually kicks in before i even really try. But i strummed away none the less. Looking at tabs and trying to figure out how cords were held. This amused both Averi and I till it became dinner preparation time/dish duty. So i set it aside, mentally demanding myself that one day i will be able to play one of her songs.

Dinner and bedtime were filled with guitar talk; Daddy being a bassist. We ended the night with the breaking in of the "school books" w/ Averi (another CTS buy).
I can honestly say i was more excited for bedtime then usual. I read the night time book with more oomph and lingered longer at Averi's bedside. Perhaps for the hopes that with that little oomph will bring a better tomorrow. Cause today was simply frustrating.

“Life is not an easy matter... You cannot live through it without falling into frustration and cynicism unless you have before you a great idea which raises you above personal misery, above weakness, above all kinds of perfidy and baseness.”~Leon Trotsk

Feb 23, 2011

Jump, Jive and Oh Bummer!

I'm going to take a minute and happily announce (if you haven't heard it already).....
I have over 50+ Followers!!!!
Yes, i practically piddled with excitement over this.
Its funny to think this all started last year with a mere 2-3 followers, mainly close family. With this I lost hope quiet a few times and went on a long hiatus. Yet after much begging and family spreading the word, i got the fire back this year and began clicking away. Now here i am, quiet proud of my ever-growing blog. 
I'm very thankful to all the other bloggers out there who jumped on my train as i did there's. Not to mention my "silent followers" of my family and friends. I get a thrill seeing everyone actually stopping by and reading my posts. This SAHM doesn't have much in means of hobbies or much of a social realm so that kinda means a lot to me. I like having a spot in the e-world and now that i have hit this milestone, there is only one way but up!

Ok, enough sapness....its Averi time!
We spent the day with my awesome mommy, as we do every Wednesday. Filling ourselves with all the doggie love Chloe & Ruby have to offer.

Our adventure today was to the Christmas Tree Store, a very addictive store. I mean, its hard to resist something kinda cool and useful and it only being like $1 or $3.99. Its filled with everything from decorations to furniture to toys/crafts. We spent a good hour just going up and down every isle, like old people, touching and ogling everything. Averi really brought out the case of the "gimmies" this time around. She kept throwing things into the cart, even when they have no significance to her. Bird cages, spoons, pillows, and a slight obsession with bears. Every "No" from me came back with a exaggerated Averi "Oh bummer!!". Her new catch phrase of the week. Its not like we left the store without anything for her. I naturally ended up buying more things for her then i originally set out for and grandma, well did what grandma's do best. Everyone got something lets put it that way. I even spoiled Daddy by buying him a huge bag of his fav candy, Pez.

So with bags in hand we made our way home for some pizza and playing. I will admit there were not to many photo opportunities today. If there were, well i missed them being so engulfed in the always great conversation of my mom.

The night past quiet quickly to say the least. Filled with ball playing, dog chasing, new toy playing and a little bit of Dora thrown in. Bedtime was short and sweet. Right before laying down Averi told me her favorite part of the day was "playing Chloe in the middle with grandma". As tired as she looked i think it shows how successful and fun a day with grandma can be. :)

"Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders."
~Tom Peters

Feb 22, 2011

Talent Show Tuesday

Another installment of...
Talent Show Tuesday!

Something about this Laurie Berkner's song makes her stop whatever she is doing and do this every time.  

Subliminals? Maybe. Quiet comical? Absolutely!

Feb 21, 2011

Monkey See Monday

Maybe Old Man Winter is bitter from the bragging of that one glorious spring day. How we all sang about its glory. In return he once again took a nice white dump upon us, rendering another wonderful snowed in day. We're so over it. That groundhog was a liar! Just sayin....

Poor Owl!
Any-whozle,  what better time then a snow day to do some crafting! Today our special thanks goes out to this wonderful blog,  The Frugal Family Fun Blog, for the craft we did today. (Monkey see, monkey do...get it?)

Ok, so we didn't make 3 super pretty owls BUT we made one hell of a spunky cat, dog and owl! Once dried and finished, Averi had tons of fun playing with them. Naturally favoring the dog and cat over the owl. Apparently the owl was the "bad guy" and was scaring the other two. That is, until Mommy reminded him about the time out chair.  :)

The new gang!

Feb 20, 2011

Wordless Sundays

Yo Gabba Gabba ain't got nuttin on me!

Feb 19, 2011

Run Around

Every friday night, Daddy and I make plans of what we plan on doing the next day, since its his day off. We tend to get overzealous, cramming all kinds of things into our imaginary time frame. Alas Saturday "morning" comes and well, those plans kinda get rearranged with the comfort of our pillows. We once again indulge in a few extra hours of sleep in even trade. Averi calmly plays in the midst of one of us on guard. Breakfast becomes lunch and by the time we are up and running the day is already half spent. But that is us.

An Alphie kind of morning.
Our plans started when we dropped Averi off at the grandparents, something well needed on this blistery day (yes, don't get me started on Old man winters dumperoo). We dashed off to Sears and finished up our last appliance purchases of a microwave and dishwasher. We now have a fully applianced kitchen....well sorta. Its actually all being delivered on the same day. So March 4th will look like kitchen Christmas with boxes delivered galore!

Next adventure was to trade in the old car seat for a new booster seat at Babies R Us. Serious madness in that place, i surely don't miss setting foot in there. Half awake parents grumbling, wheeling there tiny babies around (or pulling the toddling ones along). The atmosphere is unnerving. Like any second something will spit up or break. Didn't help that the trade in event ends monday so all the fellow slackers (like us) banned together to do this at last minute. We threw them our car seat, grabbed our coupon, bought the new booster and off to grocery shopping we flew. Stomachs rumbled so Daddy was very nice to treat me to a sushi "drunch" in the cafe there. Truly kills the dangerous shopping while hungry which is never good.
Upon paying and on our way out the door we stood in disbelief at the view in front of us. What was blistery and cold has now turned into winter laying a smack down all over the cars, grass and parts of the road. The spring we saw yesterday vanished under a coat of evil white. Grrr!
Window of winter

We jump from putting away groceries to back to the grandparents house in a flash. I, with the help of Uncle Cory, put together the booster seat. Averi, as always, never cared we were gone but was excited for the new seat.  She looks so small in it but at the same time so big. ~shed tear~

The ride home was dark, nerve wracking and dreary. Tromping to the door made me think winter had resettled itself once more. Our overly warm apartment was welcoming this time to relieve the chill from our bones. Averi spared no time going from bath to book, for i'm sure she played her heart out while we were gone. Now a nice silence looms. A reward for a day well spent. :)

Feb 18, 2011

The Traveling Circus

 If i were to stay inside today i think my soul would have died. Alas my mommy came to our rescue and whisked us away to a shopping journey. Traveler coffee cups in hand, Averi locked and loaded in the back seat and we were off in the noon day sun. Conversations and laughs blurred the time traveled. Even when we went the wrong direction we merely laughed and let the Garmen save the day.

Once parked and stroller set, our shopping journey began. The weather could not be anymore perfect. Warm enough for a light jacket with a touch of cool wind. The walkways buzzed with people. Stores with welcoming doors open (those who were not were not much welcomed by us). First order of business was lunch, with pizza and french fries.We sat among the mass, most outside absorbing the sun as they ate. Then we were off to the labyrinth paths. Glaring into store windows, clearance signs brightly hung in temptation. Averi made sure every coin operated toy was loved by her along the way. In and out of stores we rode, in search for a nice dress and bathing suit for my mom and well, anything clearance for cheap ol' me. Sadly only to conquer with a dress half way through the journey. There was nothing really that impressive out there, even though we must of groped thousands of materials of the overpriced variety. Averi and I played with hats and mirrors making even the most stuffiest stores fun.

When mojo ran low we stopped and grabbed 2 strawberry banana slushies to help us make a final round. At last ditch effort we gave Osh Kosh a try for the perfect Averi tea party dress (that comes at the end of the month). We almost immediately fell in love with a blue, gray and white plaid dress with a pink ribbon around the waist. It screamed Averi-ness. I then came across awesome little gray cowboy boots and Averi insisted we get them. And being clearance, how could i say no! My mom then found a perfect hoodie for her with "Dance Academy" across the front. A shopping victory! A last and perfect hurray!

We shuffled our aching feet back to the car, Averi growing cranky and in much need of a "ride home nap". The drive home was simple and sweet, no need to second guess our direction. Conversations and laughter continued between my mom and I. Averi caught her much needed beauty sleep during our endless babbles.
Finally, we were home. I bid farewell to my mom and we waited for Daddy to come home to continue our evening. We spent the dark time hours at his parents house. Averi made pizza and we all crowded on her bed to watch "Despicable Me" for like 20th time. A perfect ending to a wonderful spring-like day. :)

Feb 17, 2011

Simply Paint.

I could get use to this. The moment i opened up the windows i felt a rush of bath warm air hit me, holding me still in its enjoyment. Oh spring, please stay. The snow is almost gone, giving sprouts of green grass in the mix of mud a chance to peek out. I heard kids playing in the parking lot. Even though i know my car probably got a few new dings from there football, i was thrilled just to hear life outside the doors.
So with the gentle breezes blowing in the rooms, Averi and I took spring fever in pride, bring out paints in order to spring things up around here. And that's exactly what we did. Like a Louisiana summer we calmly painted, not saying a word. And the rest, well i'll let my (awesome) camera do the talking. Enjoy!
(Click on them to see them in full view!)

Feb 16, 2011

Cowboys and Cookies

Ruby, Averi's best fluffy friend.
Wednesdays are always wonderful. Watching the snow melt under the unusual spring-ish weather, we set out on our weekly journey to my parent's house. For once we traveled without the loom of snow, yet once we hit to the mountain roads it looked as if the snow there never got the hint to melt. Averi danced in her car seat with excitement, announcing "That's my song!" when RuPaul's "Supermodel" came on.

Once we arrived there was an uproar of barks which always excites Averi more. A celebrity style welcome from the dogs Ruby and Chloe are both overwhelming and thrilling to her. When the kisses and barking have settled she immediately asks Ruby to play which Ruby, in her own doggie way, always agrees. I've never seen a dog love Averi as much as Ruby does. Chloe, on the other hand, is much to old for those chasing games and can be usually found being loved by me. Not that i mind!

"I just want a little taste."
There is always something to do at Grandma & Grandpa's house. Helping being one of her favorite things. She loves doing the laundry cause of the buttons she gets push. She always helps feed the dogs and even helps make dinner. In-between all this there was painting, tower building and of course many games of Hide and Seek with Grandma. No wonder she sleeps so well that night!

After dinner there was a special treat to be had. Making cookies! This has become a tradition, not necessarily cookies but anything bake-able. Averi truly enjoys it. So as my mom puts the pre-made sugar cookie dough on the baking sheet, it was Averi's job to decorate them with little colorful stars. She was more interested in eating the dough then anything, placing a star here & there then asking for "a little taste" of the dough.
After a few times of practice we managed not to burn this batch making them pretty dang good (although HUGE). We took some home to enjoy at lunch the next day.

Hitting the dusty, er wooden trail.
Grandpa had to fix the furnace down in the basement so Averi took the opportunity to join him. Not to help but to take advantage of the wide variety of things to do down there. She played the drums, played pool & foosball and rode her bike. She even found a cowboy hat and proceeded to ride around singing and yelling "Yee haw!".

Shhh, she's hiding.
 The night winded down with some Nick Jr, a cookie, and a few more games of Hide and Seek before the travel home. It was nice to drive home without snow falling or fear of ice. Averi talked to the moon on the ride home and the music played softly, making the travel home a wonderful blur.
Once home, it was the usual tubby, book, and bed. Not a peep was had once i came downstairs. A sign of another successful and wonderful Wednesday.  :)

Feb 15, 2011

Talent Show Tuesday!

You've seen her live! You've seen her on stage!
Now put your hands together for........

Butterfly Butterfly, Happy All Day.....
The Averi Remix of course!
"Can you do the Dragon?" Laurie Berkner
See Miss Jennifer, there is hope! 

Hope you enjoyed the cuteness!

Feb 14, 2011

Struck by You!

Oh, bring out the hearts, flowers and things of love. Its that one day a year where we're all reminded to give extra love to the people we care about (and if all else fails buy their love!). At first i was resisting, as i scanned my Facebook filled with sappy love filled posts. "Bah-humbug! Just a overzealous holiday! I want no part of it!", i thought bitterly. The TV filled with special Valentine themes on every channel. Every blog i follow chiming the good cheer. No escape! So i jumped in the shower to cleanse myself of this dominating holiday.....
Then the b*stard struck me.
That diaper wearing, arrow carrying man must have followed me in there. Before i knew it i tossed my green baseball t-shirt to the side and reached for a pink top instead. Instead of the usual browns of my make up ritual, i twirled a pink blush upon my cheeks. Damn you winged angel!  Your arrow has struck me down! :)

Alas today is not for the weary. I have a plethora of cleaning to do from yesterdays festivities on top of the normal cleaning. To be honest, it smells like a taco bar died in my kitchen. So boy did i clean. From ceiling to floor i scrubbed, rubbed and beautified. Sadly only making it as far as half way through kitchen before dinner duties pulled me in. Alas more projects tomorrow before ballet.

Ok, enough about me today. Lets do some Averi-ness! She was rather preoccupied most of the day, helping me wipe down walls and finding new places to venture (like behind the moved couch). Besides being her usual cuteness with a hint of attitude, she did nothing out of the ordinary. When night time fell she disappeared into her room for me to find her snuggled up in our rocking chair. I almost fell down the steps trying to hastily get my camera in hopes she doesn't move on. Luckily she was there when i raced up and was actually happy to let me click away as she rocked.Got to love the Kodak moments!
Soon enough, she was washed, read to and whist off to bed with a reminded of ballet tomorrow for extra good sleep. Now here i am, a living room that is tidy and no longer does the dead taco smell haunting this place.

Was today a holiday or something? I don't remember.....

A Happy Reminder: Don't forget to look at the other tabs/pages above as i update them too. 

Feb 13, 2011

Wordless Sundays

Creation & Innovation. A Mom's natural gift.

Feb 12, 2011

Simple Saturday

Nothing beats a lazy weekend, well for Averi and me anyway. Daddy has gone early to his airsoft practice leaving part of the day to just us two. So the morning was spent with our feet and hands in the sand. Ok, not real sand sadly but dry rice sand in our sensory bin. Many things can come from these 2 bins, from simple burying of hands & feet to making "soup" for our animals. A good hours worth of playing every time. Of course, not all the rice stays in the bins no matter how many times i've stressed it. Thankfully a towel underneath catches the drifters. My vacuum also gets a work-out if things get a little crazy.One day she will have an actual sand box outside, but for now this will do.

Look! That's grass!
 On my way to put my coffee cup in the sink i took a peek outside. The sun was shining, the temperature for once is above freezing and the best sight of all.... MELTING SNOW! Oh i was filled with giddy to see little sprouts of dead grass trimming my sidewalk. My small garden with its poked out leftovers of the seasons before. Thoughts of my new garden fill me with glee. I practically squealed when i saw flowers in Lowes the other day and took a deep whiff as i went by. Although there are talks of another dash of snow in the next day or so, i can't help but get excited when temps hit 50 this coming week. Spring finally taking a shove in our direction. Hopefully to stay!

Alas, the rest of day was very chill. I put together her train set in a new elaborate way and she played contently for a good hour. Just enough time for Mommy to tackle "Mt. Dresspants" that she's been putting off. I even got to watch adult-like tv! Ok, nothing good since we don't have cable. But i watched a few episodes of "Toddlers & Tiaras" for some background ironing noise. Averi must have been inspired by the gals on there cause it caused a impromptu sudden dress up time. Shortly after our 2nd outfit change Daddy finally came home with pizza in hand. Oh joy! We gobbled it up and played a fun game of "Lets say something nice about ____". Always good for a few laughs and smiles. Daddy being exhausted from the day asked me to do tubby duty as he layed in bed relaxing. Naturally he feel hard asleep and i finished up the bedtime ritual with no trouble. I learned you never wake a sleeping baby, so i won't chance a sleeping Daddy. So here i sit. Alone. Quiet. The keys ticking away with the night time hours. Tomorrow brings about Uncle Eric and Uncle Cory for the usual tacos and sillyness. Perhaps another impromptu dress up! Te he he! :)

Feb 11, 2011

Friday in a Flash

True contentment in 3 little marbles.

Today was Daddy's 1st friday off since the change in schedule. The morning and afternoon were filled with one of us catching up on our sleep. This is how most days off are spent. Not that i can complain since i get the first hour or two then we switch. Alas when my turn was over, I spent most of my time putting together a marble maze and watching Averi contently make marbles go over and over again. We have the big tall 40 piece marble maze in the closet but i wasn't feeling that adventurous. Yet watching how content she was with it just the small version, i might just bring it out this Sunday.
You are not alone. Not even in showers.

Eventually our day truly began, off to the grandparents to drop off Averi and go to Lowes to see about the cabinets in hopes of purchasing. (See Everything New House for details!). We returned a little off kilter but in good hopes that everything will work out. Averi was in her room watching Shrek with Uncle Cory for the 1000th time, not even caring that we were gone. Why would she! She made a pizza, had a half done puzzle on the table and a fort in the living room. Grandparents are the ultimate vacation spot! 
Anyway, the day ended as it usually does with the travel back to the dreaded apartment, "tubby", book and bed. After an evening of some serious hide and seek Averi was out quiet quickly. I pulled out the Girl Scout cookies and placed myself in my usual spot (here!) while Kevin continues his futile fight with his airsoft guns on our living room table. An early bedtime i imagine since one of us has to be up early for practice. (Not me!)
That, dear folks, is the end of our day. :)

Feb 10, 2011

The Sweetest Treats

Its hard to get mad at a face like this!
      Another typical Thursday has begun. Once coffee was gulped and breakfast was eaten we went upstairs for the usual "You watch X on the laptop while i shower". Its quiet nice actually. But it does come with a cost, total stuffed animal insanity! She does this every time now, removing every single stuffed animal from her toy bin and making a mass pile. Not to jump in amazingly but to use the toy box to her own will. Its fun while she can play in it, that is until night time before bed when she has to put them all back. Then we're not so thrilled about it. Te he he. 

MMMM cookies!
Alas, the day pressed on and i was struck by the motivation bug (thanks to this blog). We played with our new train set and marble maze. Ok, I set it up, she played with it for 15min max and then i was forced to pick it up. Tis is pre-k-ness! She amazingly sat down and colored while I cleaned up with "Hoarders" playing in the background. Talk about motivation! Some where in the mix i managed to hunt down the sacred "Polka dot cookies" recipe. Being bugged to make them by Kevin for almost a month now i figured i'd make some, this time swearing they would not turn into bricks. I even had an excuse to use my cookie press! Which by the way is pretty cool once you get the hang of it. So me and Averi got to it, mixing and adding. She really only helped so she can recieve the ultimate reward, batter! Not to mention the "one for you, one for me" deal she tries to sneak with the chocolate kisses. Its hard to say no to her on that one being i was guilty of the same pleasure. When it was all said and done i managed to make a rather plethora of pink-ish flower cookies that are "fabulous" according to Averi. Guess who hasn't eaten any! Mmmhmmm, Mr. MakeMeCookiesNOW. Oh well, i'm sure the grandparents would love some since they were made with Averi love.If all else fails, well i can just call it "winter weight" after i eat them all.
Priceless shot of the Day

That's basically our day. Add some tent playing, dinner gabbing, and cookie devouring & call it a night. As i sit here to the soothing sounds of the neighbors bathroom running and the occasional songs of Averi in her bed, i can honestly say today was a great day. 
Tomorrow is Daddy's day off which brings running around and house based chaos. As much as i would love a day to just chill as a family, tomorrow will bring us one step closer to our house perfection. So i'll take it. Ironing Mount Dresspants can surely wait! :)

New Recital!

June 3, 4, & 5th!!
The lights, the tutus, and the insane cuteness.... how can one resist????

Tickets go on sale in MAY
Reminder, its a small theater so seats go quick!
Averi's class: Blue Topaz.