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The #1 Blogger Disease    March 23, 2011
   I am one of the many who suffer from this crippling, blog stopping disease. 
It pines away at my core, effecting many other aspects of my life. 
You may not be able to tell just by looking at me but its there... lurking....
What is this creative life blocking disease?

This is where my brain wants to live.
This little tick has haunted me since the days of college. It caused me to struggle and many grades to plummet with its strong grasp. Unable to just hand in something, oh no. It had to be PERFECT. Not a single idea stuck for more then a day, not a single rough draft written. It was a stubborn little child that refused to let go of every single detail until it was PERFECT. Not a good quality to have in such major.

Now years later, I still struggle with the same little demon. As you've seen in my blog, i've gone through murmurous of name and looks, trying to find that settling P word. When i write, the dark shadow taunts me, forcing me to reread and reread until it settles back into slumber. In return this has affected many things in my life. If i can't execute something perfectly I either don't do it at all or I do it "balls to the walls" OCD style to get it as close to perfect as possible. If it doesn't work out or doesn't have the outcome I pictured, its like you kicked me in my soul. Not something I enjoy naturally and try to avoid.

So there, I am Lisa and I have Perfectionism-itis.
Who's with me?