Apr 12, 2011


 We were spoiled from the day before, so when we awoke to a rainy day it seems to set a gloomy undertone for the day. Perfect for sleeping longer and taking it slow. I reminded myself that this weather shows signs that spring is truly here. I’m sure my newly soiled plants and their worm companions were enjoying the moist day. At least it wasn’t snow!

As you can now tell, Comcast came bright an early to bring us back into the “cyber world”. I spent 6 days without that connection and to be honest, I didn’t miss it. I probably would be fine without it but you HAVE to be connected. No one communicates otherwise so you are left feeling rather alone without it. The dependency is almost sickening. It sucks you in, before you know it your in its literal web. And I naturally fell right back in…

Another cloud swept over when we got a phone call that our counter tops are not coming as planned. Now we must wait until Thursday. Disappointment and aggravation truly was felt by us all. Washing dishes in bathroom has become the norm for now, something I’m sure everyone has done at one point in home ownership.

The day fast forwards to Averi’s ballet class, where the clouds seemed to follow. The class has grown from the “Fabulous 6” to the chaotic 12. At first none of us original moms thought much of it. The new little girls were perhaps having there 1st day jitters and overly excited for the new experience. We joked on how we’ll see who returns next week, as many have come and gone previously. A Survivor version of ballet class! Sadly, everyone returned and the air loomed once again of stress and chaos. 
Out of the 6 who have joined, only 1 has really seemed to fit the group. Of course, she’s been there before and has the disposition of very calm and precise (ok, a little bit of a show off and we’ve already dubbed her the “teachers pet”).  The rest, well, aren’t fitting at all. One especially, who has turned the class into a circus.. She plays absolutely no attention and spends a high percentage of the time getting yelled at and running off. Even at one point making Miss J, who is very unshakeable, annoyed causing her to pause the class to find the little wild child's mother. I’ve watched the little girl with her parents after class and it seems to be the norm for them. They have no control at all. Her parents haven't caught on that maybe it’s not the thing for her. I secretly hope she does not return. The other 3 are a slightly lesser “hyper” version of the wild child and might shape up over time. It’s hard to tell. 
Then there is “Justice”…..
Averi does not like her one bit, and anyone that knows Averi knows she loves EVERYONE. This girl has actually made Averi mad enough to push and yell this time around. Poor Averi spent a good percentage of the class trying to ward her off as this girl did everything she could to annoy and distract her. Perhaps it’s a conflict of personalities since Justice is very much like Averi but times 10 on the “spunk”.

So class was rather painful to watch. Miss J looked like she needed a good beer and hug after it was all said and done. We OG mothers agreed that perhaps she has taken on more then what is good. Thankfully Miss J has noticed this and I can’t wait to see what she is planning to do to help elevate the chaos.  I personally hope the “Fabulous 6….er 7” go back to the way it was. They are a tight knit well behaved (most of the time) group and we want to keep it that way for a long time to come. Yes, we’ve become rather clique-ish but what sport doesn’t have one?

Just when I thought the cloud would follow us home, I was surprised when it didn’t. I started up some of my house work, with RuPaul’s drag race playing in the background (GO RAJA!). I gave my washer and new dryer a whirl; falling in love with the wonderful smells that came from them. It was nice to have dry clothes in a 1hr vs. very little dry in 48hrs of my drying racks. They smelt heavenly and no wrinkles! I feel like a queen now.

Night time fell fast and easy. Averi went to bed; Daddy & I took to our computers clicking away. I caught up on my favorite blogs, finding a new awesome one along the way. Before long, our eye fell heavy so we crawled into bed earlier then usual. With the soothing sounds of the rain tapping the windows lulling us to sleep, we dream and hope tomorrow that the clouds drift away.

“A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed...It feels an impulsion...this is the place to go now. But the sky knows the reasons and the patterns behind all clouds, and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons.”~Richard Bach