Apr 14, 2011


Oh sunshine, how I have fallen in love  with thee. You slip yourself from behind our curtains, calling to us to rise and greet you early. Old apartment dwelling me would have cringed, cursed and miserably threw myself into the day’s routine. How dare I be up at THIS time! I would refuse productivity till noon.
But not home dweller me!
I sprung up, opened the curtains and took a moment to look out across the city. Birds chirping and flew past in the pale blue skies. I anticipate the sun to warms the air just enough to open all the windows. There’s just something about this place that makes mornings worth every minute. I sit personally amazed that I was washed and dressed before 10:30am and even threw in a load of laundry.
We welcomed the delivery of our counter-tops, which look just as amazing as I hoped. Tomorrow will be another early day as the contractors will be putting there tools to work in the final touches of our kitchen. Old me would have cursed the thought of them interrupting my spoiled sleep. The now me welcomes them with open arms. I only hope I can keep Averi out of their way.

The noon sun calls to me, “Come Lisa. Come outside and play.” And that I did. This time I had the key to the garage and rescued some gardening tools. Averi enjoyed once again her mud making and bubble blowing. I dug up what I thought was random weeds, only to find out I had vegetables! What I believe are called “wild onions” are spewing themselves literally all over my little garden. I filled a bucket full of these apparently editable guys. Although I will admit they are a pain in the arse to even have. I also found that I have/had carrots or what look like carrots growing as well. Google has yet to answer my curiosity on them though
So as the sun glowed, I de-weeded until my hands and knees couldn’t take it. Averi did about everything a little girl can do outside; including riding her bike, running up and down the sidewalk, collecting “flowers”, rock hunting, just to name a few. In dire need of a dirt break, we set off on a Dupontonian walking adventure. We strolled down the sidewalks hand in hand, listening to dogs barking from what seemed to be every house. But it was nice to be able to go down sidewalks and not be afraid. A block down and we aimed our sights on Aunt Theresa’s house, which is literally only a block down from us. Simba, her orange cat, was sunbathing on the back porch upon our arrival. Averi rang the doorbell and we could feel the excitement of the surprise visit. Aunt Theresa is my true gardening buddy (and fellow cat lover) so we almost immediately chatted about gardening and plans for the yards. Averi hunted down the cats, sadly neither wanted to be bothered too much. I’m sure in a few more visits they will be more accepting to us. A sweet small visit and we were on our way back to home. A little of a rougher walk since its uphill then (our butts felt it!). With the sun setting and the wind picking up we decided to bid the outside a farewell for the evening. I put away our things and we retired ourselves into the living room.

Now the days has ended. Child asleep, exhausted from all the fresh air. My muscles ache, hands are rough with dirt that seems to be etched into my skin and a nice farmer’s tan/burn on my forearms. All of this merely a battle wound I proudly accept.
Sunshine never felt so good.

Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you. ~Walt Whitman


Don S. said...

Incredible Story. Home owning is the best.