Apr 17, 2011


I’m a tree hugger. I even have a favorite tree that I amorously stare at when we’re at our local park. To me they are majestic wise old beings, living long before and after us. Reminding us to be rooted and sway with the breeze….

So it was much to my surprise when I hastily decided the fate of our 100ft old pine tree in our front yard. The strong wind storm yesterday made this tree rock from top to bottom, making the ground wave with it. Something I have never witnessed before. This caused a very uncomfortable panic for me and even unease from the unshakeable Daddy. We decided that the tree is going to me taken down for the safety of our home. Not to mention the power company wouldn’t like the possible damage it could have to the power lines.
Sorry tree. You’ve probably been here since the house was built and you’re still a beautifully green being. You have been through a thousand storms and still stand with pride. But last night showed how much we love this house, with almost a paternal need to protect it. Perhaps its time to go old friend….

Much like the day, we found ourselves also swaying; this time to new foods and ideas. Back in the apartment day, our dinners and food choices reflected where we lived. We weren’t fancy nor tried to be. Usually sticking to simple and easy, for whatever fit in our tiny fridge. Occasionally dining on steak and sushi as a treat to ourselves for making it this far. Now, as this home has opened our views, it opened our pallet. We got giddy over breads to try with drippings. To try new cheeses, fresh new veggies and putting together true thought-out meals. I must admit I am not one with the stove but I am open to swaying my thoughts with it...

“Where desire doth bear the sway - the heart must rule, the head obey” ~Francis Davidson


Don Swelgin said...

I am sure you will plant another and watch to grow big & tall!