Feb 24, 2011

Simply Frustrating.

You know those days where the moment you wake up and even your own body is telling you "Don't get out of bed, its gonna be a rough one..."? Well, i should have listened.

The apartment was its uncomfortable cold once again which rudely wakes even the thickest skin up. I evilly  sneered at the 3 men outside who appeared to be working on pipes; probably the reason for the lack of heat. The usual hot coffee barely warmed my hands as i prepared breakfast. From that moment on it seemed like nothing i did was its usual correct way. You could feel it in the air. Motivation was MIA. Averi had her attitude button on high, having me raise my voice what felt like every 3 minutes. So i had to find something to do...
Oh the glow!

Glow in the dark stars! My $1 purchase from yesterday! I swept Averi upstairs and we taped those suckers to her bedroom wall all perdy. With a quick blast of a super bright flashlight, we turned out the lights and marveled over the coolness that is glow in the dark. A good few minutes of fun none the less.

Returning to the downstairs, I clicked over to my super crafty inspiration of the Frugal Family Fun Blog, hoping to find something creative to do. Averi was behind me when she saw the Lets Build A Zoo post and yelled "I wanna do that!!!" about 12 times before i could even say ok. That looked easy. So i grabbed the blocks, the Littlest Pet shop animals, some train tracks and had at it. I even brought out the foam paper to add a little creative flair. Averi became preoccupied watching tv for the most part; checking my progress in between. Right there should have told me to she was not going to have any part of this. But i pressed on with hope.
My Awesome but failed FFFB Zoo
Once finished, i sat back and waited for her to have at it. Nothing. She walked around it once, grabbed a bunch of pillows and proceeded to make a fort out of the moved coffee table and couch. Really?

Deflated, i sat back in my computer chair. I put on some Laurie Berkner Band and bounced through my followed blogs for a moment. Out of no where i got the urge to play my acoustic and ran upstairs to get it. I also brought down Averi's cause i knew she would have asked. Mind you, i never really played the thing. It was a young mindless purchase (like my flute). I want to learn but the easily frustrated part of me usually kicks in before i even really try. But i strummed away none the less. Looking at tabs and trying to figure out how cords were held. This amused both Averi and I till it became dinner preparation time/dish duty. So i set it aside, mentally demanding myself that one day i will be able to play one of her songs.

Dinner and bedtime were filled with guitar talk; Daddy being a bassist. We ended the night with the breaking in of the "school books" w/ Averi (another CTS buy).
I can honestly say i was more excited for bedtime then usual. I read the night time book with more oomph and lingered longer at Averi's bedside. Perhaps for the hopes that with that little oomph will bring a better tomorrow. Cause today was simply frustrating.

“Life is not an easy matter... You cannot live through it without falling into frustration and cynicism unless you have before you a great idea which raises you above personal misery, above weakness, above all kinds of perfidy and baseness.”~Leon Trotsk