Feb 19, 2011

Run Around

Every friday night, Daddy and I make plans of what we plan on doing the next day, since its his day off. We tend to get overzealous, cramming all kinds of things into our imaginary time frame. Alas Saturday "morning" comes and well, those plans kinda get rearranged with the comfort of our pillows. We once again indulge in a few extra hours of sleep in even trade. Averi calmly plays in the midst of one of us on guard. Breakfast becomes lunch and by the time we are up and running the day is already half spent. But that is us.

An Alphie kind of morning.
Our plans started when we dropped Averi off at the grandparents, something well needed on this blistery day (yes, don't get me started on Old man winters dumperoo). We dashed off to Sears and finished up our last appliance purchases of a microwave and dishwasher. We now have a fully applianced kitchen....well sorta. Its actually all being delivered on the same day. So March 4th will look like kitchen Christmas with boxes delivered galore!

Next adventure was to trade in the old car seat for a new booster seat at Babies R Us. Serious madness in that place, i surely don't miss setting foot in there. Half awake parents grumbling, wheeling there tiny babies around (or pulling the toddling ones along). The atmosphere is unnerving. Like any second something will spit up or break. Didn't help that the trade in event ends monday so all the fellow slackers (like us) banned together to do this at last minute. We threw them our car seat, grabbed our coupon, bought the new booster and off to grocery shopping we flew. Stomachs rumbled so Daddy was very nice to treat me to a sushi "drunch" in the cafe there. Truly kills the dangerous shopping while hungry which is never good.
Upon paying and on our way out the door we stood in disbelief at the view in front of us. What was blistery and cold has now turned into winter laying a smack down all over the cars, grass and parts of the road. The spring we saw yesterday vanished under a coat of evil white. Grrr!
Window of winter

We jump from putting away groceries to back to the grandparents house in a flash. I, with the help of Uncle Cory, put together the booster seat. Averi, as always, never cared we were gone but was excited for the new seat.  She looks so small in it but at the same time so big. ~shed tear~

The ride home was dark, nerve wracking and dreary. Tromping to the door made me think winter had resettled itself once more. Our overly warm apartment was welcoming this time to relieve the chill from our bones. Averi spared no time going from bath to book, for i'm sure she played her heart out while we were gone. Now a nice silence looms. A reward for a day well spent. :)