Feb 16, 2011

Cowboys and Cookies

Ruby, Averi's best fluffy friend.
Wednesdays are always wonderful. Watching the snow melt under the unusual spring-ish weather, we set out on our weekly journey to my parent's house. For once we traveled without the loom of snow, yet once we hit to the mountain roads it looked as if the snow there never got the hint to melt. Averi danced in her car seat with excitement, announcing "That's my song!" when RuPaul's "Supermodel" came on.

Once we arrived there was an uproar of barks which always excites Averi more. A celebrity style welcome from the dogs Ruby and Chloe are both overwhelming and thrilling to her. When the kisses and barking have settled she immediately asks Ruby to play which Ruby, in her own doggie way, always agrees. I've never seen a dog love Averi as much as Ruby does. Chloe, on the other hand, is much to old for those chasing games and can be usually found being loved by me. Not that i mind!

"I just want a little taste."
There is always something to do at Grandma & Grandpa's house. Helping being one of her favorite things. She loves doing the laundry cause of the buttons she gets push. She always helps feed the dogs and even helps make dinner. In-between all this there was painting, tower building and of course many games of Hide and Seek with Grandma. No wonder she sleeps so well that night!

After dinner there was a special treat to be had. Making cookies! This has become a tradition, not necessarily cookies but anything bake-able. Averi truly enjoys it. So as my mom puts the pre-made sugar cookie dough on the baking sheet, it was Averi's job to decorate them with little colorful stars. She was more interested in eating the dough then anything, placing a star here & there then asking for "a little taste" of the dough.
After a few times of practice we managed not to burn this batch making them pretty dang good (although HUGE). We took some home to enjoy at lunch the next day.

Hitting the dusty, er wooden trail.
Grandpa had to fix the furnace down in the basement so Averi took the opportunity to join him. Not to help but to take advantage of the wide variety of things to do down there. She played the drums, played pool & foosball and rode her bike. She even found a cowboy hat and proceeded to ride around singing and yelling "Yee haw!".

Shhh, she's hiding.
 The night winded down with some Nick Jr, a cookie, and a few more games of Hide and Seek before the travel home. It was nice to drive home without snow falling or fear of ice. Averi talked to the moon on the ride home and the music played softly, making the travel home a wonderful blur.
Once home, it was the usual tubby, book, and bed. Not a peep was had once i came downstairs. A sign of another successful and wonderful Wednesday.  :)