Feb 17, 2011

Simply Paint.

I could get use to this. The moment i opened up the windows i felt a rush of bath warm air hit me, holding me still in its enjoyment. Oh spring, please stay. The snow is almost gone, giving sprouts of green grass in the mix of mud a chance to peek out. I heard kids playing in the parking lot. Even though i know my car probably got a few new dings from there football, i was thrilled just to hear life outside the doors.
So with the gentle breezes blowing in the rooms, Averi and I took spring fever in pride, bring out paints in order to spring things up around here. And that's exactly what we did. Like a Louisiana summer we calmly painted, not saying a word. And the rest, well i'll let my (awesome) camera do the talking. Enjoy!
(Click on them to see them in full view!)