Feb 11, 2011

Friday in a Flash

True contentment in 3 little marbles.

Today was Daddy's 1st friday off since the change in schedule. The morning and afternoon were filled with one of us catching up on our sleep. This is how most days off are spent. Not that i can complain since i get the first hour or two then we switch. Alas when my turn was over, I spent most of my time putting together a marble maze and watching Averi contently make marbles go over and over again. We have the big tall 40 piece marble maze in the closet but i wasn't feeling that adventurous. Yet watching how content she was with it just the small version, i might just bring it out this Sunday.
You are not alone. Not even in showers.

Eventually our day truly began, off to the grandparents to drop off Averi and go to Lowes to see about the cabinets in hopes of purchasing. (See Everything New House for details!). We returned a little off kilter but in good hopes that everything will work out. Averi was in her room watching Shrek with Uncle Cory for the 1000th time, not even caring that we were gone. Why would she! She made a pizza, had a half done puzzle on the table and a fort in the living room. Grandparents are the ultimate vacation spot! 
Anyway, the day ended as it usually does with the travel back to the dreaded apartment, "tubby", book and bed. After an evening of some serious hide and seek Averi was out quiet quickly. I pulled out the Girl Scout cookies and placed myself in my usual spot (here!) while Kevin continues his futile fight with his airsoft guns on our living room table. An early bedtime i imagine since one of us has to be up early for practice. (Not me!)
That, dear folks, is the end of our day. :)