Feb 28, 2011

Back from Blog-cation!

That's exactly what i went on. A "Blog-cation".
Its not that I didn't WANT to make a post on Saturday, cause i did. I placed my butt in the computer chair with full intent on writing something glorious; filling you with voyeuristic insight of my day. I clicked "new post" and that's when it hit. The blank. The complete and utter loss of writing juice. I stared at the blank screen for what felt like an hour, but it was no use. I ventured over to Pogo.com and got lost in mindless games until my eyes no longer could stand it. No blog that night.
Sunday followed the same suit. Not that i write on that day, but none the less i couldn't even muster a photo.

But its back!
So here is the "what you missed" of the weekend.....

Saturday Feb 26th 2011

Kitchen Phase 3 is now DONE!
OR as Daddy puts it "Wow. We have a BLUE kitchen.".

We inhaled another share of fume (Uncle Cory, Grandpa, Daddy & Mommy) and finished up the kitchen. Not everyone is 100% in love with it cause it a very drastic and bold color combo. Even I kinda worried as I stood in the room of blue (perhaps it was the fumes). But once the cabinets get here, the floor put in, and all that jazz i am sure it will just work. All that's left to do is the trim around the doors and windows and wash the wanna-be Waynes-coating to death.

This coming weekend we will begin the next rooms, dining room and living room, with the priming to welcome the shocking berry color!

Curious on how it all came out? 
Go to the "This Old House" for up-to-date photos!