Feb 10, 2011

The Sweetest Treats

Its hard to get mad at a face like this!
      Another typical Thursday has begun. Once coffee was gulped and breakfast was eaten we went upstairs for the usual "You watch X on the laptop while i shower". Its quiet nice actually. But it does come with a cost, total stuffed animal insanity! She does this every time now, removing every single stuffed animal from her toy bin and making a mass pile. Not to jump in amazingly but to use the toy box to her own will. Its fun while she can play in it, that is until night time before bed when she has to put them all back. Then we're not so thrilled about it. Te he he. 

MMMM cookies!
Alas, the day pressed on and i was struck by the motivation bug (thanks to this blog). We played with our new train set and marble maze. Ok, I set it up, she played with it for 15min max and then i was forced to pick it up. Tis is pre-k-ness! She amazingly sat down and colored while I cleaned up with "Hoarders" playing in the background. Talk about motivation! Some where in the mix i managed to hunt down the sacred "Polka dot cookies" recipe. Being bugged to make them by Kevin for almost a month now i figured i'd make some, this time swearing they would not turn into bricks. I even had an excuse to use my cookie press! Which by the way is pretty cool once you get the hang of it. So me and Averi got to it, mixing and adding. She really only helped so she can recieve the ultimate reward, batter! Not to mention the "one for you, one for me" deal she tries to sneak with the chocolate kisses. Its hard to say no to her on that one being i was guilty of the same pleasure. When it was all said and done i managed to make a rather plethora of pink-ish flower cookies that are "fabulous" according to Averi. Guess who hasn't eaten any! Mmmhmmm, Mr. MakeMeCookiesNOW. Oh well, i'm sure the grandparents would love some since they were made with Averi love.If all else fails, well i can just call it "winter weight" after i eat them all.
Priceless shot of the Day

That's basically our day. Add some tent playing, dinner gabbing, and cookie devouring & call it a night. As i sit here to the soothing sounds of the neighbors bathroom running and the occasional songs of Averi in her bed, i can honestly say today was a great day. 
Tomorrow is Daddy's day off which brings running around and house based chaos. As much as i would love a day to just chill as a family, tomorrow will bring us one step closer to our house perfection. So i'll take it. Ironing Mount Dresspants can surely wait! :)