Feb 18, 2011

The Traveling Circus

 If i were to stay inside today i think my soul would have died. Alas my mommy came to our rescue and whisked us away to a shopping journey. Traveler coffee cups in hand, Averi locked and loaded in the back seat and we were off in the noon day sun. Conversations and laughs blurred the time traveled. Even when we went the wrong direction we merely laughed and let the Garmen save the day.

Once parked and stroller set, our shopping journey began. The weather could not be anymore perfect. Warm enough for a light jacket with a touch of cool wind. The walkways buzzed with people. Stores with welcoming doors open (those who were not were not much welcomed by us). First order of business was lunch, with pizza and french fries.We sat among the mass, most outside absorbing the sun as they ate. Then we were off to the labyrinth paths. Glaring into store windows, clearance signs brightly hung in temptation. Averi made sure every coin operated toy was loved by her along the way. In and out of stores we rode, in search for a nice dress and bathing suit for my mom and well, anything clearance for cheap ol' me. Sadly only to conquer with a dress half way through the journey. There was nothing really that impressive out there, even though we must of groped thousands of materials of the overpriced variety. Averi and I played with hats and mirrors making even the most stuffiest stores fun.

When mojo ran low we stopped and grabbed 2 strawberry banana slushies to help us make a final round. At last ditch effort we gave Osh Kosh a try for the perfect Averi tea party dress (that comes at the end of the month). We almost immediately fell in love with a blue, gray and white plaid dress with a pink ribbon around the waist. It screamed Averi-ness. I then came across awesome little gray cowboy boots and Averi insisted we get them. And being clearance, how could i say no! My mom then found a perfect hoodie for her with "Dance Academy" across the front. A shopping victory! A last and perfect hurray!

We shuffled our aching feet back to the car, Averi growing cranky and in much need of a "ride home nap". The drive home was simple and sweet, no need to second guess our direction. Conversations and laughter continued between my mom and I. Averi caught her much needed beauty sleep during our endless babbles.
Finally, we were home. I bid farewell to my mom and we waited for Daddy to come home to continue our evening. We spent the dark time hours at his parents house. Averi made pizza and we all crowded on her bed to watch "Despicable Me" for like 20th time. A perfect ending to a wonderful spring-like day. :)


Domestic Diva said...

Sounds like you packed in a full day and then some! I had my kids running around out back as long as they could take it...so sad that we now have 4" of fresh snow from last night. I can't wait for spring!