Feb 23, 2011

Jump, Jive and Oh Bummer!

I'm going to take a minute and happily announce (if you haven't heard it already).....
I have over 50+ Followers!!!!
Yes, i practically piddled with excitement over this.
Its funny to think this all started last year with a mere 2-3 followers, mainly close family. With this I lost hope quiet a few times and went on a long hiatus. Yet after much begging and family spreading the word, i got the fire back this year and began clicking away. Now here i am, quiet proud of my ever-growing blog. 
I'm very thankful to all the other bloggers out there who jumped on my train as i did there's. Not to mention my "silent followers" of my family and friends. I get a thrill seeing everyone actually stopping by and reading my posts. This SAHM doesn't have much in means of hobbies or much of a social realm so that kinda means a lot to me. I like having a spot in the e-world and now that i have hit this milestone, there is only one way but up!

Ok, enough sapness....its Averi time!
We spent the day with my awesome mommy, as we do every Wednesday. Filling ourselves with all the doggie love Chloe & Ruby have to offer.

Our adventure today was to the Christmas Tree Store, a very addictive store. I mean, its hard to resist something kinda cool and useful and it only being like $1 or $3.99. Its filled with everything from decorations to furniture to toys/crafts. We spent a good hour just going up and down every isle, like old people, touching and ogling everything. Averi really brought out the case of the "gimmies" this time around. She kept throwing things into the cart, even when they have no significance to her. Bird cages, spoons, pillows, and a slight obsession with bears. Every "No" from me came back with a exaggerated Averi "Oh bummer!!". Her new catch phrase of the week. Its not like we left the store without anything for her. I naturally ended up buying more things for her then i originally set out for and grandma, well did what grandma's do best. Everyone got something lets put it that way. I even spoiled Daddy by buying him a huge bag of his fav candy, Pez.

So with bags in hand we made our way home for some pizza and playing. I will admit there were not to many photo opportunities today. If there were, well i missed them being so engulfed in the always great conversation of my mom.

The night past quiet quickly to say the least. Filled with ball playing, dog chasing, new toy playing and a little bit of Dora thrown in. Bedtime was short and sweet. Right before laying down Averi told me her favorite part of the day was "playing Chloe in the middle with grandma". As tired as she looked i think it shows how successful and fun a day with grandma can be. :)

"Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders."
~Tom Peters