Feb 14, 2011

Struck by You!

Oh, bring out the hearts, flowers and things of love. Its that one day a year where we're all reminded to give extra love to the people we care about (and if all else fails buy their love!). At first i was resisting, as i scanned my Facebook filled with sappy love filled posts. "Bah-humbug! Just a overzealous holiday! I want no part of it!", i thought bitterly. The TV filled with special Valentine themes on every channel. Every blog i follow chiming the good cheer. No escape! So i jumped in the shower to cleanse myself of this dominating holiday.....
Then the b*stard struck me.
That diaper wearing, arrow carrying man must have followed me in there. Before i knew it i tossed my green baseball t-shirt to the side and reached for a pink top instead. Instead of the usual browns of my make up ritual, i twirled a pink blush upon my cheeks. Damn you winged angel!  Your arrow has struck me down! :)

Alas today is not for the weary. I have a plethora of cleaning to do from yesterdays festivities on top of the normal cleaning. To be honest, it smells like a taco bar died in my kitchen. So boy did i clean. From ceiling to floor i scrubbed, rubbed and beautified. Sadly only making it as far as half way through kitchen before dinner duties pulled me in. Alas more projects tomorrow before ballet.

Ok, enough about me today. Lets do some Averi-ness! She was rather preoccupied most of the day, helping me wipe down walls and finding new places to venture (like behind the moved couch). Besides being her usual cuteness with a hint of attitude, she did nothing out of the ordinary. When night time fell she disappeared into her room for me to find her snuggled up in our rocking chair. I almost fell down the steps trying to hastily get my camera in hopes she doesn't move on. Luckily she was there when i raced up and was actually happy to let me click away as she rocked.Got to love the Kodak moments!
Soon enough, she was washed, read to and whist off to bed with a reminded of ballet tomorrow for extra good sleep. Now here i am, a living room that is tidy and no longer does the dead taco smell haunting this place.

Was today a holiday or something? I don't remember.....

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